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Sending and Receiving AVPlayer HTTP Headers

Reverse Proxy

While investigating a series of spikes in a certain error code for one of the video streaming iOS and tvOS apps I have been working on for my day job, we were asked by our CDN server team to inject and …

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Zote – Break Poverty Hackathon Solution Demo

Back in November, my project partner Oksana and I took part in the Break Poverty Hackathon by Devs Without Borders. Over 120 developers in Toronto connected with over 60 developers in Nairobi to develop solutions for low income rural areas …

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Project: Hat of the Month


So I have an EPIC collection of ridiculous hats in my closet that I’ve accumulated over the years. And sadly, most of then never get worn (although to be honest, some should never see the light of day again). So …

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LookUp – Transient Watch Solution – Space Apps Challenge 4/10/15

Look Up Presentation.pptx-2

This past April, my project partner Oksana Salamaszek and I participated in the 2015 NASA SpaceApps Challenge in Toronto. Oksy and I had volunteered at last years challenge, which was held at the Ontario Science Centre. We were so amazed …

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HOOQ, the biggest deal between Hollywood and Asian Telecom in history, is now available in the app stores!


Quickplay Media (where I work) and SingTel just issued their press releases announcing the release of HOOQ, one of the largest joint ventures in the entertainment industry in history, to the app store – and I’m so proud to have …

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Smirnoff Fluffed Marshmallow Vodka – A Drink Recipe For A Hangover

Smirnoff Fluffed Marshmallow Vodka

As you may have guessed from the title, my roommate Kayla and I invented a new drink this weekend. She had picked up a bottle of this new Smirnoff Fluffed Marshmallow Vodka while we were at the liquor store and …

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OmniFocus and Getting Things Done

Last week a good friend and personal mentor asked me to help him add some much-needed but apparently non-existent features to an application called OmniFocus for Mac. According to my google searches, OmniFocus is considered one of the best task …

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Got My Kinect

I picked up a Kinect for super cheap the oher day. Haven’t even been able to connect it to my computer since Ive been so busy with developing iPhone apps, but I’m stoked to start unravelling it’s mysteries and discovering …

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I’ve Always Wanted A Laser Pistol

So I saw this wonderful LASER WEAPON today. I think I need to build one. 2012 is going to have a LOT of projects.

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No Invading Robots Afterall

Discovered today that it’s apparently “impossible” to upload a photo to a website from an iPhone. I suppose I can understand the reasons behind this such as device security and deliberately forcing developers to create applications, but that pretty much …

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