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This Cat Loves Its Ballpit

A friend sent me a link to a post on about a cat whose owner built him a BALLPIT. I’ve been a long-time owner of a ballpit on my balcony but never tried to put my cat Lt. Starbuck …

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More Ball-Pit Fun!

I added some more photos of my friends and I partying in the ballpit on my balcony. I also even found a Video! Related From Amazon

So I Packed Up The Ball-pit for the Winter

Finally got the ball pit put away today. I wanted to get that wrapped up before the end of the year, so I made sure all 5,000 balls got put away before people start showing up tonight. I had originally …

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Ball Pit featured on Apartment

Yup, got an email earlier this week from the wonderful folks at saying that they were going to point an article about my balcony, and now here it is – how cool is that!? It’s funny… even though I was the …

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Ball Pit featured on!

My project partner Oksana suggested that I post my ball pit step-by-step on So I did that this morning and discovered when I got home in the evening that they had featured it on their homepage. How cool is …

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How To Build A Ball Pit – ON YOUR BALCONY

A lot of people have asked me “Why would you, as an adult, want to own a ball pit?” And the answer every time is “because of this xkcd comic.” There’s something about a ball pit that just screams PURE FUN. …

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More Balls Than Ever!

Alicia found someone on Craigslist that was selling their ballpit balls for $25 per garbage bag full. I called her up and offered to take them all if she would deliver them. A bit of easy negotiation and $180 later …

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We Now Have A Ball Pit On Our Balcony

Woke up a little hung over (as usual) and got straight into the WNtStG website. Then Alicia suggested that we get some brunch and finish the ballpit. These things simply took higher priority over the website. After stuffing ourselves with …

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Got Wood? For A Ballpit?

Today we picked up all the wood we will need to build the ballpit. The wood came to about $200, and we had to lie to the cabby about how long some of the pieces were, but man was this …

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Ballpit Balls Secured

Rented a cube van today to pick up my new living room furniture and the balls for the ballpit. The couches were easy, but I had a bit of trouble getting the six giant cubes containing 500 balls each into …

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