Kevin James Hunt
Kevin James Hunt is a software consultant living in Toronto, ON, specializing in designing and developing new communication and delivery systems for location-based multimedia. Passionate about new mobile technologies, Kevin has supplied his skills to numerous mobile applications for clients across North America and Europe. Although he currently primarily focusses on mobile technologies at the moment, he is also a seasoned web developer and SEO marketing specialist.

Kevin paid his own way through university at Ryerson University in Toronto by working two jobs in addition to running his own small online business and freelance web design work on the side. Internships or contract work at companies like Hydro One and IBM made paying for his education easier during his off months, but he always found that he returned to his own entrepreneurial pursuits once classes began again.  After graduating with honours and with his five-year Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in hand, Kevin took a position as a application developer and UI designer at the IBM Canada Lab, designing, optimizing, and acceptance-testing new user interface designs and concepts for their e-commerce software platform.

Several years later, seizing an opportunity to move into the emerging mobile market, Kevin joined Wayfind Media, leading the design and development of their proprietary brand mobile, Random Stage.  Enjoying the freedom and promise of new challenges, Kevin continued to work as an independent contractor designing, developing, or improving existing websites and mobile technologies for clients.  Kevin then joined Grapple Mobile, in which he headed up development on new iOS technologies for their in-house cross-platform mobile application deployment platform that allowed rapid development of mobile apps for clients across North America and Europe. Seeking new learning opportunities, Kevin joined Quickplay Media, where he has led teams in the delivery of Live and “Video On Demand” streaming media for several major television providers across the globe, including Rogers, Bell, and AT&T.

Since everything Kevin does professionally involves designing/developing digital media on a computer, his hobbies usually involve creating interesting and substantial projects with his friends. In addition to the the autonomous robots capable of navigating mazes currently being designed, the breakfast machine he’s building in his kitchen with his roommates this winter, and the 4’x8′ 5,000-ball adult-sized ball pit he completed on his balcony, he’s currently building the next iteration of his high-altitude weather balloon to photograph the earth from the stratosphere with the help of his Project Partner Oksana Sal. Kevin also teaches men self-confidence, social skills, and communication through body language several times a year at seminars across the globe and through one-on-one training with Venusian Arts.

In his spare time, Kevin can be found with friends experiencing all the wonderful things Toronto has to offer. Whether it’s taking in a bit of theatre, supporting a friend’s band at one of their shows, attending an underground film festival, checking out a costume party, or participating in a city-wide event (such as The Toronto Zombie Walk, No Pants Subway ride, Nuit Blanche, BuskerFest, etc), there is ALWAYS something for him to enjoy when he has some downtime.  Also, being extremely devoted to his own self-improvement, Kevin practices meditation and yoga daily, and has studied and practiced numerous other guidebooks and teachings for health, stress, and time management for years in order achieve a healthy mental, physical, and professional balance in his life.  He is also learning to dance Salsa, has nearly doubled his reading speed through speed reading courses, and is currently enjoying experimenting with technological possibilities of the Muse Headset for iOS.

Below are photos from his last balloon launch to 100,000 ft above the earth:

Personal Note: I am currently not entertaining any offers for partnerships in mobile or web application development. There are simple not enough hours in a day to create so many great things at once. If you are in desperate need of a quality custom app, send me an email and I will recommend a colleague or two.