Digital Glasses Update!

It’s been over a year and a half since I first showcased the early version of the vision-enhancing app that I had built for my father.

And now, after a tremendous amount of testing and refining, numerous personal setbacks, and a brutal work schedule, the app is finally ready to be released to everyone!

I’ve updated the user interface to allow the app to serve two functions: as a standard magnifier (but with the extra image filtering), and as an “Augmented Reality” headset.

There are many “Magnifier” apps available on the app store already for visually impaired individuals, but very few actually provide live image enhancing that this app delivers. So even as an everyday magnifier, this app is already incredibly useful to anyone with sight issues.

It is the “Headset” mode where this application really shines though. Over the last year, there have been a few new startups with eSight-like headsets appearing with promises of cheaper alternatives to eSight. And naturally, the price of eSight headsets has dropped from over $15,000 USD to just under $10,000 USD. But even the cheapest products from NuEyes that I have been able to sample still cost over $3,000. My Digital Glasses app, however, only needs a $20 VR/Google Cardboard headset, a $20 Bluetooth remote, and a $200 iPod touch. Plus, it also support Apple Watches and Pebble Watches in addition to the Bluetooth remotes.

Check out the details of the app here.

I’ve also put all the source code on github here.

Hardware Requirements
Ideally, an iPod touch is the best device to use for your headset. Fourth generation and up (which can be found here) is ideal because the camera is superb from this version onward.

AR/VR Headsets can be found here. Be sure to purchase a headset that has a strap so that it will stay on your head hands-free and, most importantly, does not block the camera of the iPhone/iPod.

Bluetooth remotes are the cheapest way to control the app while wearing a headset, and can be found here. Any iCade Bluetooth remote will should be compatible with this app. If you have one that is not compatible, please contact me so I can add support!

Alternatively, Apple Watches (found here) and the significantly cheaper Pebble Watches (found here) are also supported as remotes for the headset.

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