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Googles Dreaming CPUs Dream About Space

My project partner Oksana Sal decided to put one of the screencaps from our Near-space Balloon projects through a Google Deep Dream service, and it came up with some seriously bizarre results. Original Photo: Dream Version: Related From Amazon

Red Bull Sponsorship Sends Man To The Edge of Space So He Can Jump Back Down

To be honest, I’m a little impressed that people are still talking about this. I’m happy that this achievement has not been easily forgotten as quickly as many of the other internet sensations have over the years.  I’ve been following …

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Near-Space Balloon Footage from 100,000 ft

Here’s a little 3 minute teaser of the HD Footage recovered from the camera we launched in August. Over the course of an hour and a half it rose to over 100,000 feet above sea level (the area known as …

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Balloon Capsule 1 Retrieved – First Photos!

With the help of a local farmer in Newton, ON we were able to recover the balloon capsule, including all the data and video!

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Someone Found The Space Balloon!

I got a call this morning from a blocked number. I normally don’t even answer these but for some reason I decided to answer it. The call turned out to be from a very kind gentleman near Millbank, who told …

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RocketHub Request For Balloon Launch 2

I’ve created a RocketHub project to raise funds for the next launch of our balloon. Reaching out to colleagues, friends, and family with this ole’ link

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Another Possible Balloon Outcome

An old colleague of mine suggested another possible reason that the 3G iPhone we put in our capsule may have failed during it’s descent. Apparently, if left out in the sun too long or otherwise overheated, iOS will shut down …

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Balloon Launch 1 Report

Today we launched an iPhone and a camera to the stratosphere and captured HD video at 100,000 ft. Read more for photos, videos, and details of the experiment.

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Tomorrow We Launch!

Just finished finalizing our preparations for the balloon launch tomorrow. While we were searching around for last minute information and instructions on how to tie the balloon, we found a guy who received over $2000 as a kickstarter fund to …

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More Balloon Tweaks

Test with the balloon app today revealed that setting the location manager with an distance limit of 300m was not producing accurate altitude information until very late. This could make it very difficult to find the device if we need …

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