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  • No Invading Robots Afterall

    Discovered today that it’s apparently “impossible” to upload a photo to a website from an iPhone. I suppose I can understand the reasons behind this such as device security and deliberately forcing developers to create applications, but that pretty much buggers up our plans for the website. This, plus Oksana having to return the robots…

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  • Robots on the way

    Oksana ordered the robots today. They should arrive tomorrow. I love how ridiculously easy it is to find things like this on the Internet. Balloons, helium, robot paratroopers… Each one found on the first google search page looking for it. Oksana’s friend Alicia raised concerns about the potential ecological impact of bursting 140 balloons in…

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  • Invading Robots

    While we were eagerly awaiting the return of our balloon yesterday, Oksana and I discussed what to do with all the left over helium we had.  The idea “mini balloon launch” came up, in which we would send normal-sized latex balloons with QR codes containing messages attached to them up into the skys. Then, when…

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