More Ball-Pit Fun!

I added some more photos of my friends and I partying in the ballpit on my balcony. I also even found a Video! No products found.

Video: Transforming Robots at Monster Jam

Transforming robots at Monster Jam Toronto 2013. We were probably the oldest people without children there. No products found.

Gas Cloud Falling Into A Black Hole

In case your mind hasn’t been blown today, here is an animation showing a massive cloud of gas (the orange ball) several times more massive than our PLANET that will come dangerously close to the black hole at the centre …

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Video: Shooting A Stormtrooper With A Nerf Gun

I was sorting through the myriad of folders containing photos and videos of my adventures and I found this video of me shooting a stormtrooper with a Nerf Gun at FanExpo Toronto last year. I seem to remember donating money …

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How to Build Your Own Portal Christmas Tree

This was inspired by Ryan Kelly’s amazing Portal Christmas Tree, which I read about last year on and agreed that it was, indeed, absolutely genius. So when my roommate told me she was going to toss out her old …

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Red Bull Sponsorship Sends Man To The Edge of Space So He Can Jump Back Down

To be honest, I’m a little impressed that people are still talking about this. I’m happy that this achievement has not been easily forgotten as quickly as many of the other internet sensations have over the years.  I’ve been following …

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Credit Card Holder Made From A Keyboard

This project was inspired by Ryan McFarlan’s fantastic Instructable on how to create a wallet from an old computer keyboard. He explained it best in his article: In all likelihood there is a keyboard within a few feet of you. …

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Funnel Clouds Near Toronto?

Video of some crazy looking funnel clouds over Toronto, Ontario on Tuesday, May 29th 2012. It’s not even tornado season yet! Audio removed because my roommate Alicia was talking the entire time. UPDATE: Apparently they were actually swarms of insects. …

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More Infinite Hallway Photos

I added some more photos that my roommate took of our Infinite Hallway the other day. Check out the gallery! Read all about it here. No products found.

Smirnoff Fluffed Marshmallow Vodka – A Drink Recipe For A Hangover

Smirnoff Fluffed Marshmallow Vodka

As you may have guessed from the title, my roommate Kayla and I invented a new drink this weekend. She had picked up a bottle of this new Smirnoff Fluffed Marshmallow Vodka while we were at the liquor store and …

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