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Sandman Themed Christmas Tree Inspired by the Netflix Series

This years Christmas tree was inspired by Netflix adaptation of Neil Gaimon’s cult classic Sandman series! Each of the Sigils of the Endless were handmade using simple dough and baked in the oven. Then painted black with a light dry-brushing …

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Game of Thrones Christmas Tree

Rather than doing another Portal-themed tree this year, I decided to do something much easier and make a GoT-themed tree! The weirwood tree face, made from a Santa decoration, painted white, and painted with fake blood. You can sort of …

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How to Build Your Own Portal Christmas Tree

This was inspired by Ryan Kelly’s amazing Portal Christmas Tree, which I read about last year on io9.com and agreed that it was, indeed, absolutely genius. So when my roommate told me she was going to toss out her old …

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