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A Ball-pit On My Balcony?

Oksana told me she knows a guy who is selling 3,000 ball-pit balls for cheap. Apparently he was trying to do a mobile art installation but lost funding from the city (unfortunately not until after the balls had been ordered) so he’s trying to unload them and recover his losses. It’s very rare that you run into an opportunity to cheaply acquire 3,000 of anything – let alone colorful plastic balls – so I had to at least consider some possible uses for them.

I had always wanted to turn the spare room into a kind of “pillow room”, but maybe a room full of balls would be better? I mean how awesome and ridiculous would it be to tell people you were the proud owner of a room containing so many balls that you could DIVE INTO IT? But Oksana had an even better idea: a ball-pit on the balcony.

And really, why not? We hardly use it as it is. We’d obviously have to screen it in to make sure that no balls escape. And we could even build a kind of frame so it takes up only half the balcony.

How many other people IN THE ENTIRE WORLD can say they have a ball-pit on their balcony? I think I’m going to be one of those people, mostly just because I can. Like that xkcd comic says, “we’re adults now. It’s our turn to decide what that means.”

All I have to do now is convince my roommates.

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