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We Now Have A Ball Pit On Our Balcony

Woke up a little hung over (as usual) and got straight into the WNtStG website. Then Alicia suggested that we get some brunch and finish the ballpit. These things simply took higher priority over the website.

After stuffing ourselves with food we headed up to Walmart to get the rest of the supplies for the ballpit. $140 later we returned home with enough foam padding to cover 128 square feet, enough glue to attach the padding to the wood, a massive tarp, a basketball net, and an inflatable shark.

We finished the foamy interior in about an hour and then started filling it with balls. After we emptied our first crate into the pit, I worried that we really didn’t have nearly enough balls – it didn’t even cover the floor! 2500 balls later, it was about half-full. We would need more balls later on to get it to the height I wanted, but we had a fully functioning ballpit!!!

Having experienced it first-hand, I have to endorse a ball-pit for both it’s relaxing and therapeutic effects, as well as it’s ability to keep one’s consciousness in the now. It was like you turned to jello and became filled with pure, innocent joy. I will probably spend a large portion of my summer in this ballpit

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