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Tomorrow We Launch!

Just finished finalizing our preparations for the balloon launch tomorrow. While we were searching around for last minute information and instructions on how to tie the balloon, we found a guy who received over $2000 as a kickstarter fund to do a similar high-altitude project. If only we had thought of that!

I found an awesome company called BlowIt.ca, who I arranged to have deliver the helium to my place tomorrow. I also booked us a minivan and arranged to pick it up just before the guy arrives. This way, we can load the massive tank right into the van instead of lugging it up and down the stairs. We couldn’t find anyone to come out and play camera man for us though, which means we’ll have to film ourselves WHILE we prep for launch. Not impossible, just a but more trouble than we’d like. Then again, if this all goes horribly wrong it would be better to have no witnesses to tell the tale.

I’ve been waiting for this day for a year. Its going to be hard to sleep!

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