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So I Packed Up The Ball-pit for the Winter

Finally got the ball pit put away today. I wanted to get that wrapped up before the end of the year, so I made sure all 5,000 balls got put away before people start showing up tonight. I had originally planned on just putting then in garbage bags, but then I realized what I nightmare that would be if we ever needed anything from our store room. So instead I boxed them up and stacked them neatly along the wall.

The first 4,000 were pretty easy, as I could just scoop them up into the boxes, but the last thousand or so took forever to grab/scoop up and toss into the boxes. Even worse, I ran out of boxes so I had to pack the last of the balls into a couple of garbage bags in the end anyway!

Got a pretty good haul of stuff from the bottom this year, including $5 in change, three rings, a leather wristband, an earring, two packs of matches, and four lighters. One of my new years resolutions is to hang out with more people who wear expensive jewelry – this thing could pay for itself!

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